World of Me

Friday, March 10, 2006

Ode to the Nuns...

I haven't talked much about my love life on my blog at all. Except the bad that has happened a long time ago and is 100% not relevent as of today.
My boyfriends name is Trevor William Bolen...( Ya like that nunny??) A.K.A Nunny,Nunner,Nun, Nunneratchee Nunsicle, Who-dee, Gwass, Gwassy, Gwapeye, Gwapapotemous etc. (Probably way more that I cant think of)
Anyway... I love and care about Trevor soo much. We've had our up's and downs in the past but things have been going extremely well the past few months. He is honestly everything I've ever asked for in a guy: He's caring, honest, compassionate, funny, smart, fun, umm HOTT, he always does so much for me. I appreciate his patience with me when I can act a little outta hand when Im drunk or just my complete stubborness when we fight. He's always there for me no matter what the circumstance and he seriously makes me so happy. I just wanted to let everyone out there to know how I feel about him and that I am 100% taken and so in LOVE:)
I love you so much Trevor, your my world.

Love Always and very many Giggidys to come,