World of Me

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Wow, I feel like I seriously never blog anymore. I apologize big time. Im at school right now, just got done eating some lunch, and Im a little creeped out. For some reason today in the cafeteria there like blaring rap/hip hop music. Haha. I mean I love the music, dont get me wrong but, it just caught me off guard. Right now Im listening to "Grillz" by Nelly. ha. Kristin, call me George Foreman cuz Im selling everybody grillz. Oh and get this, as I was waiting in line to pay for my food, I dropped my full tray of ketchup, mayo, a cheeseburger, fries, and a mountain dew without a lip onto the ground in front of everyone!! Thing is: I wasnt even embarrassed. I just started laughing for some reason.. the only part that wasnt funny was the fact my precious pink fuzzy slippers are now covered in ketchup! Ew!!

So, school is going quite well. I had my first exam in Econ yesterday, and to my suprise it was super easy. I worked myself up big time to thinking it was going to be super hard, and it wasnt!! I got my grade back today, and I got a 98%!! Im soo smart. What can I say??
What else is new.......... I work pretty much everyday... but I gottta make that monnnney maan.

Im trying to convince someone as stupid as myself to come take a vacation to Laguna Beach with me.. I looked it up: if I stay at the best hotel in Laguna for a week, ( all inclusive food and drinks) rent a Land Rover, and fly first class out of Appleton, WI... The total damage is : 1, 600$. Not including the money I would spend shopping, getting manicures/pedicures etc. I know I could lower this whole trip by staying in a Days in, flying coach, and renting a 97 Ford Tauras, but you gotta do it big if you go to Laguna, I mean come on... Now I just need a credit card with a limit of at least 3,000, and find someone as nieve as myself to do the same, then Laguna here I come!!!!!!!!!! Timmortal? You love Laguna, remember??

Anywhoo.. I gtg to my Contemporary American Society class, where I will sit there and laugh histarically at my goofy teacher as he calls us "class" 50 times during the grueling 50 mins of class. ( IM NOT KIDDENING) he constantly says, Well class, what do you think about this class?? well classs? I mean this is a big issue... bla bla bla...

anyway.. peace love and birds.

ps.... sorry if this post is scattered, and has a lot of spelling errors, I tryed to type way too fast.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You naughty school girl you!!!

It's official. Im a student! Today was my second day, and I have been exposed to all of my classes. Econ has pretty much been a bore, like I assumed. My teacher is a nice guy, but talks monotone big time! My Contemporary American Society class seems like it will be interesting. My teacher is a nut!! He told us we wont be using the book, and that our grade will mainly come from group work, debates ( which could get interesting) current events, participation, and like one paper. Oh yeah, and NO TESTS! I think I love this class already.. I love weird/crazy teachers, it makes it far more interesting than monotone bore you to death types.
My written comm. class is going to be easy I think. Boring, but easy. I like to write so I think I'll be okay. The teacher seems alright.
Then I have my psychology class. That is probably going to be my fav. Its online though. I think since I registered for my classes at the last minute, literally, all the class classes were gone. So, I had to settle for the online course. Which I work at my own pace, etc. So maybe it will be okay.
There you have it. Monday through Friday I will be getting my learn on..
Still haven't decided on a major, just taking the basics now. Wish me luck!!

Oh yeah, so today I had an hour to spare before my next class and I decided to test out the cafeteria food. To my surprise the cheeseburger and fries were quite delicious!! So I went and sat all by myself in a booth and read my Psychology book. I have yet to make a friend. Honestly I don't really want to. Yeah Id be nice to sit with someone at lunch every now and then, but being by myself makes me more motivated to get things done. Needless to say, I felt sorta like a loser. So I called my dad and talked to him for awhile! ha! Did I prove my point on being a loser?

We'll see how balancing school full time, work full time and still having time to maintain a social life works out for me. I will be very busy. I apologize on my lack of blogging now.. but I will try!!!!

I miss everyone... hope everyone's doing GREATTTTTTT!!