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Friday, July 07, 2006


I have had a lot on my mind, due to this, I havent' been blogging at all.. Sorry for any inconvience to any regular readers.. :) haha.
Included are some RANDOM pics, that are all recent in case yall forgot what I looked like, haha. The pic of the two air force guys smoking some cubans, the one on the right is my hunny!!
It's been soo long since I've updated, I dont even know where to start.
What's new? You might ask..
My boyfriend Trevor is in Iraq... This has been extremely hard for me lately.. I miss him so much, and on top of it all, I'm always worried.. I know he's going to be fine..I just know it.. But, on the other hand he is in a war, and things could happen.. I get an email from him almost every day, and a phone call maybe twice a week, which is good... don't get me wrong, but just not enough.. I'm used to being with him literally 24/7, and now that our contact is limited and beyond my control puts some damper on things.. I love him to death, but sometimes it's hard to be strong.. I have my good days, and my bad ones... but the bad seem to definatly outweight the good.. If Im not talking about him, and thinking about him, if I finally stop one of those two things, I hear a song that reminds me of him or I'll see his friends. Something always reminds me of him. It sucks..
People keep telling me to stop whinning and be greatful that he's not gone as long as most soldiers are deployed for.. Which I am.. Im also extremely proud of what he's doing, and I look up to him for being so brave. But it's hard.
On the brighter side of the street, when he gets home, were moving in together! I'm excited about that... And with him being gone.. I've been working out a lot, and am trying to be more healthy.. Because I want him to come home, and look at me and say "Wow, this is my girlfriend,and shes soo hot". lol. No, I just know he's going to be loosing a little weight, and toning himself, so why not do the same.. So we'll see what happens..
In other news... My sister Kristin ( Kiki) deleted her blog.. When I asked why she just responded with "I just felt like it".. So, sorry to anyone who's a fan..
I'm still working at Kellys bar, I work pretty much full time still.. It's fun, and good money, so Im not complaining.. Theres some fun pics on the website where I work. to check it out.. just click on pictures, then the recent files...

Im going to go get ready for work now, so I hope everyones having a great summer...



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