World of Me

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fatty Boom Blatty

Well it's safe to say that I honestly think I might explode and all that will come from this explotion is... Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Cheesy Potatoes, green bean cassorole, rolls, cookies, pie, cookies, did I mention cookies? I honestly think I ate way too much food this weekend at my parents... I almost am convinced that they plot to try and fatten me up when I come to visit. Hmmm...
Overall the weekend of Thanksgiving was good. Me and Trevor came on Thursday around 2:00ish.. We stayed the night Thursday, and Friday night. It mainly consisted of Thanksgiving dinner, Kristin abandining me, watching tv movies, eating, watching more tv, playing with my dog Jesse, ( which by the way he won second in the milkbone contest winning a years supply of milkbones) eating, laying around, eating, and I went and saw "Just Friends" at the theature Friday night with my hunny, then we went to this icecream place called Ober-Weis.. or something like that... To my suprise it was quite delicious. My dad got my oil changed and bought me some new tires, ( which I greatly appreciate) and the next day we were on our way home back to Oshkosh.
I really think my dad liked Trevor. I knew he would've. Trevor is really smart along with my dad, and they talked about military things, haha, government, sports, traveling, god knows that else, b/c when they were talking about certain things it was like hearing German or some other foreign language. I also caught them laughing histarically with one another, so yeah its safe to say hes in the running in becoming dads fav. boyfriend of mine.
Overall, I feel extremly obese but hey what are the holidays for? I think eating way too much, relaxing, and being as lazy as possible.. and I def. covered them all.....

How was everyone elses Turkey Days??


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Moved out... well sorta..

The reasoning for my lack of posting is due to the fact I havent been at my house for the past month pretty much. I've been staying with one of my best friends Megan. Why you ask? I really don't know. It was just fun living with one of my friends... Without a boy... plus we wear eachothers clothes so it worked out. And of course Boo Boo came along for the stay. I think she really liked it there... but anyway... I moved all my stuff back into my house, and am here to stay!!!!
Not alot has really gone on with me lately. Working alot, hanging out with friends, my boyfriend, drinking. Thanksgiving is coming up which Im super excited about b/c I'll get to see my dads new house in Chicago, and spending time with my dad is one of the main things I miss about not living at home... Oh yea, and Trevor ( my boyfriend) is coming to meet my dad for the first time.. I know my dad will like him. Hes very smart, and has a lot going for him, and they even have some things in common. So Im sure he'll be fine. I still am nervous though. But my daddy-o is buying me all new tires for winter, so that'll be nice, considering my tires now are seriously shit, and everytime I drive my car I feel like they're either going to fall off or go flat. haha. So thats no good.

I dont have much to talk about... sooooo HOW IN THE HELL HAS EVERYONE ELSE BEEN?!?!?!!!