World of Me

Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm back, I'm back!!!!!!!

Oh how much I have missed the blogging world!! I got back Friday morning, and the computer has been in my room unable to be turned on due to reconstruction in the computer room. So yea! Now I have a fair chance to blog!
KEY WEST WAS AWESOME!! I had such a great time!!! We really didn't do all that much... we drank A LOT!!! ... went to a lot of bars/clubs on Devul St.... went out to eat a lot, went to the beach ( but the beach in Key West was quite messy from the hurricane) ...went to another beach in Big Pine Key... and went shopping twice... good times good times...
On the last night I was extremely intoxicated and supposevely ran around the house with nothing else on but my thong yelling things... that.. I DO NOT REMEMBER... haha.
I loved the view of the ocean, and the palm trees, it was soo soothing. I did not like how it felt sooooo extremely hot, even after 10 pm! I also didnt like the fact that I would straighten my hair, or curl it, then walk outside and it would shortly look like someone violently blow-dryed it all frizzy.
I did overcome two fears though. I did swim in the ocean! Can you believe it!! And I did swim in the canal behind the house where Mr. Alligator lives!!! I can't believe I did either one... well I was just brave when we were at the beach, not to mention HOTTER THAN HELL... but I won't lie, the only reason I jumped in the canal was b/c I was drunk! haha... I kept yelling things like "Im not afraid of you Crocodile, come mess with me and see what happens" in my best Steve Irwin voice.. wait.. is that his name? I dont know.. that Crocodile Hunter guy... even though their were no Crocs there only alligators... I dont know.. I was drunk..
One other bad part of the trip was that I kept forgetting to buy a camera... ( I forgot my camera at home) and by the time I bought one... I had two days left, and forgot to bring it along to where we were going.. but I did take some... so I will get them developed and post them.
Another horrifying experience was the airports.. wow I realized how much I hate airports... first off, I almost missed my flight to key west b/c my stupid ride bailed on me... then, I pretty much walked around the airport in Atlanta like a huge Tard b/c it was HUGGGGGGGGE and I didnt know what I was doing... then the flight back home, my flight was canceled in Cincinnati, and I couldnt get another flight till the morning... but that worked out good b/c I got free food, a free hotel, and got to see some old friends ( I used to live in Lawrenceburg, IN which is 10 mins away from Cinci). Then, I almost missed my flight again coming home the next morning, b/c I thought I wouldnt have to get a boarding pass b/c they gave me one the day before when my flight was canceled, so I went straight to security, wait in that line for 30 mins... then cant go through b/c I dont have the "right" boarding pass?? What?? So, I walk all the way back to the stupid 30 min line to wait for my pass, where then I have to call someone on their Delta phones to give him my info, then pick up my pass... not to mention wait back in line for security, and take a shuttle then train to my concourse... On the shuttle bus I just broke down and started crying to some lady I didnt even know, b/c I was soo stressed out, and didnt know what the crap I was doing in that stupid airport... I finally get to my gate, and their paging me saying "Bethany PLEASE board flight 665 (or whatever) to Appleton, WI, they will be leaving soon... so then I start running, meanwhile I almost trip a few times, and am sweating profusely. Did I mention my carry-on bag weighed at least 15 lbs!! I did make my flight that sad sad day... but now I just HATE airports, and hope to avoid them for the rest of my life!

Thats all I have folks, besides the frizzy hair, airports, and the embarrassment of me running around pretty much naked while being wasted, I had a WONDERFUL time, and I surely did miss you all~!! Hope everyone had a great week!!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bye Bye........

I am about 30 mins. shy of leaving my house to get on a plane for Key West! YA BABY~! I am super excited.....
Just to let you all know that I wont be posting until Friday... but I promise MAD details, and tons of pics!!!!

Hope everyone has a great week... I definatly will be...
and if I dont post by Friday... I probably got eaten by a shark.... ;)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Whats new...

-My body is currently in the process of getting sick.. My head hurts soo bad, my throat is dry, and no meds seem to be working too well..

-I got a fine when I was driving a friends jet-ski on Sunday. My ticket is for $168. I was supposevely 75 feet away from other boats when I took off, when you are supposed to be 100. How they knew I was exactly 75? Who knows... Oh yeah, did I mention I also got a fine two weeks ago for not some guy that came into my work who needed cigs... yeah, thats $216.
-Today is my first day of being smoke-free. I decided to for REAL quit. SO wish me luck..
-I leave for Key West this Sunday! I am super excited to say the least.. the only thing that makes me sad is that I'll miss Davin's birthday while I'm gone... :( :( :(
- Me and my sis are super psyched about the new season of Laguna Beach coming on in two weeks!! We pretty much can't wait.
-I got a new fake I.D. that looks 10 times more like me... and everyone I have shown says "What, thats not you", b/c I look so much like her.
-I feel like I've been drinking way too much lately. I'm not going to have a drop of alcohol before I go to FL... while I'm there.. Im sure I'll be drinking everyday.. but when Im home, I think I'm going to settle it down a notch or two.. or three... :)
-I'm pretty sure my sister wants me to move out.. shes been looking for apartments for me. I wish I had a roomate though.

These are all the great new things going on in my life at the moment that I can think of... I also feel I can't think clear right now b/c my head feels so congested. Hope this made sense... :)

Later Blog-Buds.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


My head pounds as a lay curled up in a ball.
My stomach feels nauseous.
My throat is dryer than any desert.
I need water.
My vision is not as clear.
Any quick turn of my head makes my head spin.
Maybe a shower will make me feel better.
Oh hangover, please go away....

Rough day/night of drinking... I don't think it's ever been this bad...


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Blog Geek..

The other day I shared with my friend Matt that I am a blogging geek.. he then sent me a link of a shirt that says "Im soo blogging about this". I either want to get that shirt, or else buy one that says "I love your blog", or I heart blogs... hahaha. Yes I am a freak. Indeed it's true. I told my sister about this brilliant idea and she loved the idea! It's to the point now where I try and tell all my friends about my blog, and that they soo should make one! Ridiculous I know.... but I just can't help it..
I too am a blog-addict. Thanks Kiki.

Monday, July 04, 2005

101 Things About Me

1. I want to learn to play some type of musical instrument.
2. My birthmark is on my butt.
3. Falling asleep to rain comforts me.
4. The only sport I actually don't mind watching is baseball.
5. Both of my arms are double jointed.
6. I want to get married on the beach.
7. I only want to have one kid.
8. My favorite foods are: pizza, any type of chicken, and french fries.
9. I eat way too much ketchup.
10. Once when I was little I threw a rock at a seagull and killed it, if that doesn't gross you out--I then ran over to the dead bird and started stomping on it.
11. I hate seagulls.
12. I am afraid of oceans, fires, sharks, and midgets.
13. I've been in love 3 times.
14. I always think Im not skinny or not tan enough.
15. My fav. ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.
16. I don't know what I want my career to be after college.
17. I usually always wear makeup.
18. In the 2nd grade my best friend Jenna would draw all my pictures for our "drawing" part of the day b/c I thought I didn't know how to draw. I would write her entries for our writing assignments.
19. I used to be a major pot-head.
20. My best friend in the whole world is my sister.
21. My mom died of cancer when I was 4.
22. My sister used to chase me with her butt out in the air and her head between her legs running backwards at me when I was little. This for some reason was soo scary to me.
23. I love pretty much every type of music. But mainly hip-hop/rap.
24. I've never liked my step-mom.
25. I think I have a big nose.
26. I think my best feature is my eyes.
27. I wear a 36-C bra.
28. I love the scent of apple or watermelon candles.
29. I love bubble baths.
30. I love attention.
31. I think I'm selfish a lot of the times.
32. I've moved 4 times in my life.
33. If I could pick any super power it would be to read peoples minds, or to fly. ( Haven't decided which one would be cooler.)
34. I am currently a bartender.
35. I think my dad is the smartest man on this earth.
36. I cry a lot when I'm sad.
37. Elevators make me really nervous.
38. I want to go sky-diving, bungee-jumping, and to Europe before I die.
40. If I could go back and re-do highschool I would.
41. I'm still a virgin..haha j/k but I sorta wish I still was.
42. If I had a dime for every time someone in my life has called me weird/strange, I honestly think I'd be rich.
43. My fav. colors are pink and white.
44. I love shopping for new clothes.
45. I'm bad about saving money.
46. I'm a smoker.
47. I love when guys go out of their way to do sweet things.
48. If I could know when/how/ I were to die, I wouldn't want to know.
49. I talk WAY to loud most of the time.
50. I believe in ghosts.
51. One time I swear on my life I saw a ghost.
52. I hardly ever can remember my dreams.
53. In middle school all the guys used to call me "ghetto booty".
54. I have 1,400$ in credit card debts.
55. I eat more when I'm sad, or bored.
56. I've always wanted to run in a marathon.
57. Gay people don't bother me at all.
58. I've messed around with a girl when I was drunk.
59. I think it will be the great to get old and not care anymore.
60. I love scary movies.
61. Eventually I want to live somewhere warm and down south.
62. I want to sing karaoke.
63. I suck at pool, and bowling.
65. I love going on boats, and jet-skis.
66. Im a very jealous person.
67. My middle name is Carol, and I have always hated it. I used to lie and tell people it was Catherine when I was little.
68. I bite my nails a lot.
69. When I was little my fav. toys were trolls, barbies, and my teddy rux-bin.
70. I want to go to New York, and L.A. sometime.
71. My sister pretty much raised me.
72. She also told me things about sex and drugs when I was too young.
74. My fav. store in the mall to shop at is Hollister.
75. I'm bad about keeping secrets.
76. I hardly ever floss my teeth.
78. I rarely ever have a picture of myself that I like.
79. My dream car is a black BMW convertible.
80. Im very gullible.
81. I love beer.
82. I am good at reading people.
83. I want a Siberian Husky with blue eyes.
84. I love laughing and making people laugh.
85. I love the smell of gasoline and permanent markers.
86. I want to learn how to drive a stick.
87. My fav. season is fall.
88. Shoe size:7
89. I've had my nipples pierced. I have my tongue pierced now. These are the only piercings I've ever had.
90. I have a tattoo near my hip-bone of a Chinese Symbol meaning "Strong Woman".
91. I like going to parties where I don't know that many people.
92. Weddings make me sad. In a good kind of way.
93. I love late nights, sleeping in, and being lazy the whole next day.
94. The Teletubies scare me.
95. My sister once told me when I was little that my dad adopted me from the gypsies. I believed her.
96. I can't dance.
97. I think feet are disgusting.
98. I've never been stung by a bee.
99. I want to learn how to fish.
100. If I could look like any celebrity I would want to look like Carmen Electra. If I could make-out with any celebrity it would be either Paul Walker, Collin Ferrell, or Angelina Jolie.
101. I was in a really bad car accident when I was 15 and ever since then I have the worst memory, when before I pretty much remembered everything/anything.