World of Me

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


When someone dies it's the weirdest thing for me. I react so differently every time. I was just told this morning that a friend I grew up with Dereck Dennen was found in his basement, where he hung himself. When I heard this, I didn't believe it. Well I did, but it still hasn't hit me yet. Me and him weren't best friends by any means, but I did grow up with him, and we hung out several times. I remember in middle school he would drive his mo-ped over to my friend Jenna's house and pick us up and drive us around. I thought that was SOOO Much fun at the time! My 8th grade year we liked eachother and we would write notes back and forth almost every day. He was the funniest guy I remember in those days. It's so unfortunate that he was at such a low point in his life and was capable to take his life away like nothing. Thats something I dont understand at all. Why end your life if things arent going well? Theres always a better day ahead, and you learn, and get over things in life. It really makes me sad that for the past few years I lost touch with him. I moved away and we talked here and there online in high school, and there would be the occasional "running into eachother" when I was back in town visiting.. I almost wish we would've stayed close. Maybe he just felt alone and needed someone? Who knows.. But I still consider him someone that was apart of me growing up. It all doesnt make sense to me....


I am currently a smoker. Yes I know, gross. I hate to think that something that I control seems to control me. I've had soo many guys tell me that they would see me and think "Wow what an attractive girl" then see me light up a cigarette and think I was now the most disgusting thing on earth and have no interest. The other night at work some guy told me I was way too pretty to be smoking. I could imagine being a non-smoker and seeing someone light up --big turn off I agree. I know I should quit, better now then later on when its harder. Honestly I don't want to rely on something everyday like smoking, but it's hard. I've tried quitting before and never stuck with it. But Im really thinking about trying to at least cut back a lot, b/c I wont be able to just STOP SMOKING all together.. too hard. I have to wean myself off of it. I really don't want to look 50 when I'm 30 and talk like that lady from the tobacco commercial: "Is this the voice you expected me to find"? haha.. I know this is wrong, but everytime I see that commercial I just laugh. It's so funny to me.. how is it the tobacco company's fault if you get cancer or whatever else can be caused by smoking? There not MAKING YOU BUY their products.. same with that stupid guy who sued McDonalds for making him fat... wow... anyways sorry I so got side-tracked.. I really am thinking about quitting soon.. I don't want to be a smoker anymore...

I hate sharks...

It's official.. I am going to get eaten alive by some type of shark/crocodile when I go to FL next month. If you didn't hear already there have been two big shark attacks near FL! I talked to my friend Greg today and he told me that there was a salt-water crocodile in his canal behind his house. The same canal they swim/sit in and drink. The very canal that I wont set foot in.. It really sucks b/c I dont want to be afraid of the water, I want to swim in it, I really do.. But I know me, and the second Im in the water it won't be any fun, I will be constantly thinking about whats underneath me, and if so when will it strike and eat me alive? haha. Maybe I'm over-reacting a bit, but I guess we'll see.. as of now.. I wont place myself in any danger. I'll stick to clorine.

Friday, June 24, 2005

It's been awhile...

Don't worry Im not dead!! I know I haven't updated in awhile my friends.. it's true. I just have been either extremely busy where I find no time to blog, or extremely lazy.
Heres what I've been up to...

My best friend in the WHOLE wide world (Jenna) came to visit for two nights.... she left this morning:(
Its really funny b/c while she was here two different guys fell in love with her! LOL! Good times! We had a lot of funI might say!

I've decided that I'm never talking to my friend Trevor ever again! He was sooo annoying and being a jerk last night. He's pretty much in love with me, and even though I told him I didnt want any type of relationship other than friendship he just wont quit... so I decided the whole just being friend thing isnt working for him... so now I'll just avoid him when he calls!! haha. I mean what else am I supposed to do... I've told him how I felt, and he won't give up.. GRR!!
Country U.S.A is going on again tonight, and I will SOOOOOOOO be there!!! Tonight the performers are: Chasin Mason, Buddy Jewel, Joe Diffie, Aaron Tippin, Dierks Bently, Teri Clark, and Sawyer Brown! It will be good good times.. I plan on getting extremely hammered due to the fact I NEVER EVER HAVE A FRIDAY NIGHT OFF!!!

I got my hair done the other day!!! I love it too! I wanted to go darker, something closer to my natural color.. well lets just say its a little darker than I thought... I got it cut, with more layers around my face, and the base color is dark brown/almost black, and theres small subtle lighter brown/blonde hilites in the front, a few pieces in the back, and a little underneath. Which is cool b/c when it's up in a pony-tail you can see the lighter color as well! Needless to say... I LOVE IT!!! :) Which is odd, b/c I never like my hair.

I drove my very first jet-ski yesterday! It was crazy fun! I made my passenger fall off at least 6 times! LOL... Oh, I loved it.

I was told yesterday that I look like a black person! I was like... OHHH KAY??? I guess b/c I've been getting more sun, I look even more darker than usual.. who knows... I thought that was sorta weird..

I have news on my love life my blogger friends... I think I sorta like someone... hahaha... its funny b/c he reads my blog and I know he'll see this but thats okay.. Hes a really cool guy. We have fun together, and he makes me laugh.. and thats what really seems to get to me.. anyways.. Im not going to rant and rave about anything now b/c who knows how things will go.. wish me luck my friends!!

23 more days till my great trip to Key West, FL!!!!! Ohhhh, I am excited to say the least... good good times coming ahead..

~*Sorry this was all soo random*~ But Im going to get going.. until next time......

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


My hair isn't naturally THAT curly, but it's def. not straight by any means. I usually blow-dry and straighten it EVERYDAY to avoid the waves I have going on. Well after getting out of the shower the other day, I scrunched my hair curly, didn't put ANY product in it, and it LOOKED SOOO GOOD... up until it completely dryed and got frizzy! I need a good hair product to use so I don't have to deal with the hassles of blow-drying, straighting EVERY DAY!!! AGH!!!!! SOMEONE HELP ME! Does anyone have any advice of products to use so I don't keep damaging it with heat forever???


Friday night I was supposed to work from 10-CL... We weren't very busy so I was aloud to leave a midnight. I then went to my friend Trevor's house and we drank with some of his friends. I ended up falling asleep over there.
The next morning I worked 3-8 all day then hung out with some of Cody's friends. I was actually soo bored it hurt inside. LOL. Im not kidding around. Me and my sister hated it there. The most exciting part was when Cody took me on his friends bike and we cruised around for 15 mins. Also taking the "Bored pictures" with my sister. That was the highlite. I noticed a keg, and thought to myself, "Beer would def. ease the pain" but then found out I wasn't aloud drinking b/c I was underage? I thought that was pretty retarded.

Sunday I ended up drinking again with Trevor and his friends. We went to Manamanee Park where like 14 guys played volleyball and I layed out in the sun watching them. It def. wasn't a bad sight to watch! They all had their shirts off and all of them had nice bodies. hahah. Im bad. I tryed calling some girls to keep me company since I was the only pair of boobs there, but everyone seemed to be busy with other things. After that, me and Trevor went to Red Granite (about 20 mins away) and went cliff jumping. It was SOOOOOOOOOO much fun! Especially since I was all buzzed up! Maybe I shouldn't have been drinking before I jumping off of cliffs, but sometimes I just don't think. Needless to say I had a great time. The first jump was scarey but after jumping, I was addicted and Trevor practically had to drag me away from the place b/c it was starting to get windy/dark. I then fell asleep once I got home and ate drunken Wendys.

Monday I went boating all day and it ended up raining.. we left and the storms passed so we went back out again and ate at a restaurant on the lake. It was fun.. I drank a little too much that night too. Wow..there goes my limit of one night a week drinking.. It was an okay weekend.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


It seems to me I'm always "that girl" that seems to fall for the loser/jerks. Every guy I seem to take interest in seems normal and great at first, then evolves into a crazy/loser/asshole/jerk in some way or another. I'm only talking about my last two relationships. I've only really had three, and the first one was good. Actually he was probably the best guy I've ever truly had. But things didn't work out, b/c I moved away before my senior year, and the whole distance thing sort of got us both. Starting my senior year I was in a relationship with this guy named Sean. At first Sean seemed great, he was funny, fun to be around, sweet, good-looking, and he made me feel in a way "wanted". I had just moved and didn't know anyone, and he pretty much took me under his wing. He introduced me to lots of cool ppl that I started becoming friends with etc. Maybe thats why it was hard to get away from him. In my mind he seemed to be the only constant thing I had there. Things were good for awhile in our relationship. Then came all the fighting. He would accuse me of just about anything, I heard rumors of him cheating on me, he lied to me a lot, it just seemed like he was the one hiding something. It got to the point where I started loosing friends because of him. He didn't want me to hang out with so-and-so b/c of whatever reason of why that person wasn't good to hang out with, or some other reason why he didn't like them. It then moved on to all I ever did when I went out was hang out with him. I never hung out with anyone else, and if he wanted to hang out with "the guys" or whatnot I would be the one sitting at home expected to be there all night. I put up with a lot of his bull shit for awhile I'm not going to tell you otherwise, and after awhile it got old. We would break up like 4-5 times a week. When we'd break up Id tell myself I don't need him, I hate feeling the way I do, this is it. Someway or another hed manipulate me into thinking whatever fight we fought was both our faults and how we need to just try and work on things b/c he loved me. I know your probably thinking how stupid I was to believe and keep going back to such a stupid/crazy/controlling boyfriend. But at the time I thought I loved him. I was defiantly naive. During the times we would break up I would go and do whatever I knew I shouldn't' be doing according to Sean. I would go hang out with all the friends of mine that he hated, hang out with certain guy friends from work, flirt more with guys that would come into my work, and except numbers, ETC. Little by little Sean would find out things that I did, and it only made things worse. Finally I said this guy is CRAZY, Im done with him... Meanwhile I met this guy named Greg. He was the sweetest most down-to-earth guy that seemed layed back and interested in more of ME than my boobs. haha. I know that sounds stupid but its true. I started liking Greg and we hung out a lot. Sean of course didn't know this b/c we were broken up. But keep in mind when I say broken up that doesn't mean he didn't call me every second, show up at my work, or call my house at late hours. He wouldn't leave me alone. I would go over to Gregs house and hang out before or after work and we would just sit in his living room watching t.v. and just laugh together. He was 100% different from Sean and at the time that was comforting. I hung out with Greg for about a month. We liked eachother but we didn't want to get into a relationship right away either. Well he did, but not I. It turns out that one of Seans friends told Sean that he would see my car parked at the SHAMERS house every day. Sean was told this when he was extremely intoxicated. He ended up calling my house at 2 am, ( while I was on the phone with Greg) and asking me all about Greg and why I was always at his house. Calling me a slut and whatever names his brilliant mind could think of. He told me to go outside b/c he was on his way over. I thought to myself yeah whatever Sean COME ON OVER.. not thinking he was. Then I started to think okay I better go outside just in case, I don't want him making a big scene ringing my doorbell or whatnot so I stayed on the phone with Greg and went outside. I heard tires squealing down my street and thats when I started to get a little nervous. Here comes Sean. I saw his car park in front of my house and him jump out of it. I noticed he had something in both of his hands but where I was standing it was hard for me to tell what it was, being that it was dark outside. It turns out the fucker brought two huge rocks. Almost like big hunks of cement with little rocks in them, one in each hand. He then threw one through my back windshield of my car, one at my garage door? and then ran up to me and hit me in my face, well more of my left side of my jaw. As he was doing this he was screaming profanity at me. Once his little outrage was over he jumped in his car and left. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I knew Sean had an anger problem, and he was the most Jealous guy I've ever met, but I really believed he loved me, and never thought in a million years he would do such a thing to me. I was shaking hysterically, and crying. I just kept thinking my dad can't see what happened for some reason, and I decided to get into my car drive my car with about 10 billion pieces of glass all inside to my friend Boni's. I stayed there, and in the morning went to a glass place and got my windshield fixed. My insurance covered it b/c I reported it as someone unknown vandalizing it. I'm sure you all are wondering why I didn't call the cops on the crazy fucker? I still don't know how to explain why I didn't. But if I could honestly go back and change one thing in my life that would be it. About a month later I decided I wanted to get away from that place. I felt like I didn't have much there anyway. So my lovely sister told me I could move in with her and Cody in WI. And thats why Im here folks.The truth is out. Plus it sounds fun b/c me and my sister always said we'd live together at some point in our life. Plus I missed her so much and needed her at the time. I've talked to Sean since then which is Stupid I know, and even seen him when I've went to IN to visit. But I decided today that I will never talk to him again. If he calls my cell, I wont answer. If he calls my house, I'll hang up, and when I go back home I won't see him. Maybe I'm the crazy one for putting up with all his shit for so long, not getting him in trouble for something he clearly deserved, and then still ended up talking to him later on after the incident. I need to set higher standards for the guys I date, and myself. 2nd Loser: Once I moved to WI I met this guy I started to date named Aaron. Don't worry he wasn't crazy by any means. Very layed back to say the least. Things were really great between us. But he had never really had a girlfriend before. So after awhile things obviously got old, or else the demands of having a girlfriend were too much for him. Without an explanation he broke up with me. Eventually he told me that he was freaked out by the whole commitment thing, and missed hanging out with his friends. But how the whole breaking up thing happened was really shady on his part. I'll spare you the details on that one. Not THAT big of a deal. But whatever we were meant to not be together. Keep in mind that Aaron doesn't have a job, and didn't for the majority of the time we were together, I payed for 95% of whatever we were out doing, (food, beer, gas for his car sometimes, movies, etc.) And he didn't' really have anything going for him in the first place. I learned into the relationship that he had dropped out of HS, and never received a GED! So pretty much hes a complete loser and I'm better off without him. We are still friends though. I talk to him every now and then. I don't really want to have some type of grudge with him b/c he didn't really treat me bad, he was just a bum. LOL .WOW.... So pretty much after hearing the two relationships I've had in the last two years, you either think I'm crazy, or have bad luck.. who knows? But I've concluded to myself that for now and a long time ahead of me I'm going to be relationship free. I'm tired of always feeling hurt, and used. I've had a boyfriend since my sophomore year in HS, up until a couple months ago. Im ready to just have fun, meet new ppl, and find out what I really want with my life. Im tired of always feeling like I need someone guy wise in my life. I don't need anyone but myself. Well and my family and friends. Now guys don't get offended I know not every guy out there is like these two idiots, but I just don't want any type of relationship with guys at the moment.. I think it would be the best for me.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

New start...

I am now planning a trip to FL next month. This only means one thing.. a major change in my so called excersing/eating routine. Starting today I will go to the YMCA, and work out! I will also cut down how much I eat, and try to switch the more fattening with healthier options.. My goal is to lose 10 lbs, and tone my body more. I might even see if theres a pilates class for tonight! I mean I'm going to be in FL for crying out loud, I can't be looking chunky in my bathing suit! haha. I also want to be more healthy! And as far as the alcohol goes.. Im cutting back to maybe one night a week ( during the weekend for sure) ... I mean don't think Im some raging 19 year old alcoholic yet... I just love the taste of beer and having one or two every other night. But when you think about that, those calories add up. So wish me luck... Im starting as of NOW!

Monday, June 06, 2005


Okay well I'm not going for over a month but I can't seem to stop thinking/talking about it!! I am soooo excited!! My friend Greg just moved there about 3 months ago, and invited me down to visit him!! He even is paying half of my plane ticket! What a sweetheart!! He has a house with 4 other roommates, including this girl named Jen whom I know.. so I think its going to be a GREAT TIME!! I'm not leaving until the 17th of July, so I hope time goes by fast! I've never once been on a vacation without my parents besides when I visited my sis in AZ for my spring break, so Im super psyched!! I can see it now... the warm sun shining on my face/body giving me a GREAT TAN!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!! And not to mention the ocean! Ahhh... I could stare at the water forever!! I cannot wait! The only thing is: Im a little nervous about swimming in the ocean, well where I can't touch that is! So hopefully nooone wants to go out swimming far, b/c my ass will be in the shallow! ha! I think Im scared b/c of all the creepy creatures you can't see, and could possibly get you without even knowing! I watched Jaws a lot as a child, maybe thats what scarred me for life! But man am I seriously excited! Im going to take a LOT of pictures and I'll post them when I get back!!!! YAY!!!

The Doctor...

After Saturday nights incident with the dog biting..I became a little paranoid to say the least. What if the dog hasn't had its shots or even goes to the vet? I noticed my finger is really bruised bad and I cant bend it all the way down. So I decided to go to the immediate care center at my Dr today and have a little looky looky. Pretty much he told me the bruising is part of the healing process, the cut isn't deep enough for stitches, and I've had regular tetanus shots so I should be fine. So Im going to get to pay for a Dr. Vist of him telling me that, and putting a new bandiad on my finger! Great! Well I guess I feel better that it was nothing that serious. BUT THEN.... he told me that I needed to give him the information about the dog, what kind of dog was it, the names and numbers of the dog owners, the address of where it occurred, etc. After knowing I was fine, i didnt want to deal with a police report, so I said I didnt know the dog owners, or where exactly the house was located, or numbers of who to try and get a hold of to find out this info.. I said I went to this party where I didnt know ANYONE and couldn't possibly find out what they needed to know. So they told me I still had to talk to the police and they'd be there any minute. So I sat in the waiting room for over a half hour, and NOTHING, so I decided to tell the receptionist to tell them to give me a call when they showed up b/c I had important things I needed to attend to, and I didn't have time to wait. But NO RECEPTIONIST in sight... SO, I left.. opps!! So hopefully they don't try coming to my house asking a whole bunch of questions, because I don't want to deal with it, or get the owners involved, especially if my injury is a minor cut.. so I guess we'll see what happens... OH YEAH... if your a regular of my blog, I ended up NOT GOING out to eat with Tylers mom and him that day. I told him I wasn't feeling well, and needed to sleep and be lazy before I went into work! He understood... I guess I should've talked to him about it, but Id rather forget that it happened, and move on.. Although if he asks me again, I MIGHT have to tell him I think its a little bit weird. ... until next time my blog friends...

The Weekend..

My weekend was quite boring if I might say so myself. Friday night I worked, and laughed a whole lot at our new bartender and what happened to her(See last entry). Saturday I went to my friend Matt's house for a cookout. It was really a good time! The crowd was mainly ppl that hang out at Kellys a lot, or people I work with. They had three kegs, and a BUNCH of liquor. I of course drank a lot. My boss mentioned stopping by our friend Sarah's house b/c it was her birthday and he promised he'd stop by b/c she was having her own get-together. So we headed over there.. Thats when the night pretty much went to hell. Immediately when I arrived everyone was sitting outside near the garage ( by the food and beer) in a circle. I noticed this really sweet looking dog sitting there. Without hesitation I walk over to it and put my left hand near its face to pet it.. Out of nowhere CHOMP that fucker bit my left index finger! It hurt sooo bad!! It started bleeding a lot, and I mean a lot.. good thing I was a little bit drunk, I think it might have helped the pain. I go into the bathroom and rinse it with cold water, wash it, apply pressure, and bandage it up. I was there for only 2 1/2 hours and ended up changing my bandaid a good 5 times or so. I didn't know if the cut was deep enough that I should go get stitches. From everyone's opinion ppl said its not that bad, you'll be fine. I talked to the dog owners about the dog and they reassured me that it gets all of its shots, and visits the vet on a regular basis, so not to worry about rabies or what not. I ended up leaving there after having more beer, and going home for the night. I was really drunk and hungry so I ordered Dominos, and went to sleep. Sunday we went to the White Sox game and that was fun! I saw the HOTTEST GUY IVE EVER SEEN IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.. No joke! I was tempted to go up to him and confess my love and ask his hand in marriage, but I decided that might be a little weird. haha. But he was absolutely beautiful. He probably dates a super model im sure. Its sad b/c I'll never see him again.... tears..... haha Im just kidding..
After the game we got home a little before 10 and I went into work, and closed.. I made good money for a sunday so that was good.. so that was my weekend... exciting? I know! haha. Yeah right.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Funny Story..

Okay, I bartend at Kellys bar here in Oshkosh. Recently we just hired two new girls. I was working when one girl came in for her interview. She seemed a little stuck up, and kept staring at me funny. So I never really had a great opinion of her. She also came in for her interview wearing sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt! Come on! Who does that? Well anyways it was me my friend April, and her on for the night ( Friday). We were un-believably slow, so Corey ( my wonderful boss) told the new girl ( I cant quite remember her name) that she could just sit behind the bar and have a few drinks, and if we start to pick up she can jump behind the bar and help.( Like she would even be a help but anyway) So she has about two frosty beers, 2 bloody marrys, and 1 shot. She seemed to hold her alcohol quite well. Then out of nowhere and I mean nowhere, she was absolutely SHIT FACED... hahahah. Its so funny, b/c I was serving her drinks for those few hours and she seemed fine, then I go over by her b/c she was talking to my friend Steph, and shes hardly sitting up on her bar stool and her eyes were hardly open and it looked as if she was drooling. I run over to Corey ( my boss) and was like "Hey your great new bartender is pretty shit faced already". As we both turn around to look at her, she falls off the bar stool flat on the gross sticky floor, and just lays there with her arms and legs out. Someone near by helps her up, and Steph takes her to the bathroom.. Now this is the most hilarious part to me... and at the same time, completely disgusting.. As shes in the bathroom she not only pukes all over the toilet seat, and floor, but while shes puking she manages to rip her pants off and start pooping while shes puking. Yes my blogger friends, the new girl POOPED all over the girls bathroom floor!!!!!I mean HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!!! LOL... And poor poor Steph, a lot of the poo and ralph managed to get on Stephy's poor shoes!! SICK!!!!! So little drunken poopy pants was carried off in all her glory by Corey who drove her home. Oh, did I mention that she was supposed to work if we needed her that night???? What a great way to impress your boss and new coworkers!!! So pretty much little poo-girl was the talk for everyone tonight! Oh, it was great! If I were her, and that happened to me Id never show my face in Kellys bar again!!! So Im sure she wont come back, and I'll get all my hours that were cut from me since she pretty much stole them all!!!! Am I a bad person for being so mean? She was a jerk to me to begin with, so Im glad she made a complete ass out of herself!!! So with all the drama and laughter I experienced at work tonight, the night went by rather quickly I might say.. thanks to the poop-ster!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Fat Girl

Me and my sister got a membership to the local YMCA about two months ago. At first we were all about "working it"...and I was all about the Pilates class. It was our mission "Hot Summer Bods". Well personally I think I've failed in that department. We haven't Y'd it up in 3 whole weeks, and it seems like all I've been doing lately is eating SO much. If Im not stuffing my face with Zingers or some type of fatty food, Im thinking of what I could eat next. It seems like Im a walking, talking garbage disposal. If I'm not eating bad, I'm drinking beer, which isn't any better. I've completely lost the motivation to even go to the gym. I think I'm going to just sit in my fat, and cry as I look at all the new Summer Edition Victoria Secret magizines I keep getting and just wish I could look like them... I know Im not overweight, but I feel fat, and to be honest I've always felt like my body has never been like how I want it. Like my sister says, " Bethany you aren't even fat you look skinny". I seem to not believe her. Maybe I'll go on the Lindsay Lohan diet and do a whole bunch of coke and get skinny..... sighs......


Ever since I've moved to WI I met this guy named Tyler. I met him through a guy I started dating named Aaron. He was friends with Aaron and all of his buds. Me and Tyler got along quite well. About 3 weeks ago, me and Aaron broke things off. It seems that Tyler ALWAYS comes down to my work when I'm there, and always either text messages me on my phone, wants to hang out, or calls. This is fine right? I mean he's my friend. Friends hang out, and talk. I absolutely have NO FEELINGS for Tyler at all!! I look at him as someone that I joke around with and hang out with. Nothing more. Well I worked today from 3-7 and of course Tyler was down there talking to me. He asked me "Hey Beth, what are you doing tomorrow around 3-ish?" And thinking he just wanted to hang out, I was like hmmm.. nothing that I know of why? Then he continued to say "Well I was wondering if you wanted to go out to eat with me and my mom?" Inside I was freaking out, but out of nervousness I quickly said, "Okay sure". I mean come on people, who asks to go out to eat with your parents unless your in a relationship with them, or about to meet them for the first time b/c you just started dating? I'm a little freaked out. I've never met Tylers parents to begin with. Why does he want me to go with him? I've never given him a reason to think we were dating, "talking", or even that I liked him in any other way. So now Im stuck with going out to eat with his mother tomorrow unless I come up with some really great LIE! Yes I will lie to solve my problems! haha. Thats bad, but really, Im like seriously CREEPED out by his invitation. Tell me what you think?? Should I suck it up and go, I mean its a possibility that he just wanted to bring me along for the heck of it b/c he thinks now were super close friends or something? Or should I try and scheme up a great story of why I just can't make it?

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Shes Too Young

Me and my sister Kristin love Lifetime Movies. Okay maybe we don't love them--were OBSESSED. hahaha. Everytime we go to Target we always see this Lifetime movie on DVD for sale, its called "Shes Too Young". To our luck, this whole entire week is filled with new lifetime movies every night, as opposed to just Monday nights. Tonight is the big night my blog friends. (well technically I don't have any blog friends yet but I'll pretend) Its the viewing of "She's Too Young" at 6 pm!!!!!!! Me and my sis are super excited to say the least! I guess you'll either have to tune in, or find out how it was on a future blog entry.. :)

All about me...

Why hello blogger world! My name is Bethany. I am 19 years old and live in Oshkosh, WI. I'm originally from IN. Three different towns to be exact. Ft. Wayne, Lafayette, and Lawrenceburg. I moved to WI about 7 months ago. I live with my big sis Kristin, and her boyfriend Cody. My sister came home today for her lunch break and told me how she made a blog for me..lets just say she was more excited than I was...I'm not much of a writer. haha. I'm actually only staying here in WI for a couple more months, then I am traveling back home to live with my dad and start school. Why did I move out here in the first place you might ask? Lets just say its a long story and I just needed to get away for a little bit. And living with my sister sounded like the best bet.It's definitely been fun!I bartend at Kelly's bar here on campus in Oshkosh. It's soo much fun! I've met soo many cool and hilarious people so far, and I love my boss and all the girls I work with. It's a great time. Things have been fun here so far don't get me wrong, but I miss Lawrenceburg, my old house, my dad, my dog, my old friends, and everything else about it.. plus I want to start school and Id prefer living at home when I start college, so I don't have to afford to pay rent/utilities while going to school full-time. Ya get me? I'm going to miss my big sis though!!!!! Thats for sure. Of course I'll miss more about Oshvegas as well. Hmmm.. what else could I reveal about myself? I'm about 5'4, 127 lbs, brown eyes, pretty tan (but only because Im obsessed) naturally dark hair, but its lighter now from the hilites I've gotten over the years. I consider myself to be very out-spoken, telling it like it is, and loud. I like to be the center of attention, and I tend to be bossy at times. However I do have a sensitive side, and pretty much any movie can make me start bawling my eyes out. I've always been insecure about how I look, or what people might think of me, but I've gotten a lot better as the years have gone by. I have way more confidence than I did in highschool. Which is a good thing. My best friend is my sister and always has been. She has pretty much raised me since I was little, and taught me a lot. I love her to death, and the only reason I have this stupid blog is because of her.... gtg take a shower now.. if your lucky I'll write later... love, peace and chicken grease..