World of Me

Friday, July 07, 2006


I have had a lot on my mind, due to this, I havent' been blogging at all.. Sorry for any inconvience to any regular readers.. :) haha.
Included are some RANDOM pics, that are all recent in case yall forgot what I looked like, haha. The pic of the two air force guys smoking some cubans, the one on the right is my hunny!!
It's been soo long since I've updated, I dont even know where to start.
What's new? You might ask..
My boyfriend Trevor is in Iraq... This has been extremely hard for me lately.. I miss him so much, and on top of it all, I'm always worried.. I know he's going to be fine..I just know it.. But, on the other hand he is in a war, and things could happen.. I get an email from him almost every day, and a phone call maybe twice a week, which is good... don't get me wrong, but just not enough.. I'm used to being with him literally 24/7, and now that our contact is limited and beyond my control puts some damper on things.. I love him to death, but sometimes it's hard to be strong.. I have my good days, and my bad ones... but the bad seem to definatly outweight the good.. If Im not talking about him, and thinking about him, if I finally stop one of those two things, I hear a song that reminds me of him or I'll see his friends. Something always reminds me of him. It sucks..
People keep telling me to stop whinning and be greatful that he's not gone as long as most soldiers are deployed for.. Which I am.. Im also extremely proud of what he's doing, and I look up to him for being so brave. But it's hard.
On the brighter side of the street, when he gets home, were moving in together! I'm excited about that... And with him being gone.. I've been working out a lot, and am trying to be more healthy.. Because I want him to come home, and look at me and say "Wow, this is my girlfriend,and shes soo hot". lol. No, I just know he's going to be loosing a little weight, and toning himself, so why not do the same.. So we'll see what happens..
In other news... My sister Kristin ( Kiki) deleted her blog.. When I asked why she just responded with "I just felt like it".. So, sorry to anyone who's a fan..
I'm still working at Kellys bar, I work pretty much full time still.. It's fun, and good money, so Im not complaining.. Theres some fun pics on the website where I work. to check it out.. just click on pictures, then the recent files...

Im going to go get ready for work now, so I hope everyones having a great summer...


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Summer time..

So this is the bathing suit I recently purchased from Victoria Secret.... HOT EH???
I do believe so. I tryed it on today, and it fits, but, I should probably start running a good month or so before the big reveal.

GOD I love summer...


Friday, March 10, 2006

Ode to the Nuns...

I haven't talked much about my love life on my blog at all. Except the bad that has happened a long time ago and is 100% not relevent as of today.
My boyfriends name is Trevor William Bolen...( Ya like that nunny??) A.K.A Nunny,Nunner,Nun, Nunneratchee Nunsicle, Who-dee, Gwass, Gwassy, Gwapeye, Gwapapotemous etc. (Probably way more that I cant think of)
Anyway... I love and care about Trevor soo much. We've had our up's and downs in the past but things have been going extremely well the past few months. He is honestly everything I've ever asked for in a guy: He's caring, honest, compassionate, funny, smart, fun, umm HOTT, he always does so much for me. I appreciate his patience with me when I can act a little outta hand when Im drunk or just my complete stubborness when we fight. He's always there for me no matter what the circumstance and he seriously makes me so happy. I just wanted to let everyone out there to know how I feel about him and that I am 100% taken and so in LOVE:)
I love you so much Trevor, your my world.

Love Always and very many Giggidys to come,


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Scattered Thoughts...

Hello everyone. I don't know about you all.. but Bethys a little tired..
Today is my one day off from work, and Im soooo looking forward to just laying around and being lazy. Its actually quite humorous... my roommate Courtney called me today to see if I would work for her ( begging is more like what she sounded)..
She was soooooooo sick and needed to sleep.
This is funny to me because I pretty much don't care at all if someone's dying.. Tuesday is my day off. So I told her Capitol N. Capitol O. And the fact I've asked her to work for me several times and shes always pulled the negative on me.
Hope she feels better..
Muah aha ah ah ahhhhhhh.

*Im at my sisters right now ( Kiki) and shes not even here yet..
Sorta sounds lame, I know.
I stalk her, and hide in her room until she gets home. hehe.
No, but I think her computer is messed up..
Like every 5 mins, boob pop-ups come up, and it sorta scares me. Because sometimes there not pretty boobies.

*I've decided Im not doing the polar plunge...
Ha... I even wrote a whole post about it..
I dont know, its been really cold here in Oshvegas and frankly, I just dont want to jump into a lake. Also the fact that you have to get donations and I haven't been asking anyone, because Im so busy. Lazy is more like it.

The annual Kelly's Beach Party is next Weekend, and Im def. not looking forward to it at all.. This is the time of year when Corey ( whom Im mad at) pours sand down on the ground and decorates the bar in a tropical theme, us bartenders wear bikini tops and usually skirts ( this is what Im mad at), and skanky girls enter the bikini contests to try and win tickets to vegas, and eventually show their boobies and yeah, thats pretty much how it goes...
Last year this formal employee hoebag Dezirey ( I mean extremely nice person minus the fact she knowingly tryed getting on my boyfriend at the time-stupid bitch) decided to get all the way naked during the dance off.. I dont know if this is some type of a slut super power she pulled, or, if her whorish stripper instincts took over her nasty, skanky, dirty, drunken mind. But anyway, it was disgusting...

MY WHOLE POINT IS... IM not looking forward to the beach party because of the bikini wearing part.. Im not feeling soo confident about my body at this time.. Probably due to the fact I never work out anymore, and Ive been eating sorta bad lately.. Okay, really bad.
Maybe I'll just not eat for the days before, and work out that week... do you think it would do anything? lol.. Owell I'll be okay, we'll make bank showing our boobies... and quite frankly I have some nice ta ta's... Kee kee kee...

I need to do my taxes... problem being... I dont know how?? TIMMMMMMMMMMMY?????????????????????????? You said you were going to help me, well where are you?? And wheres my phone battery? -long story-

I cant wait for summer!!! Im seriously aching for it to be warm, and to lay out in the sun, and go boating, and drink beyond what my body can accept.... and Country U.S.A. and.. boating... and getting skinnier because I'll be half naked everyday in my swim-suit ( thats what happens to me... I gain a few pounds in the winter, and loose it in the summer-I think everyone does).. did I say boating??? Wasnt sure...

ATTENTION COREY--- You better take me out on your boat like everytime you go out, otherwise I will capture Cooper and hold him hostage, then take your mother Dorthy out for a nice seafood dinner, and NEVER call her agaaaaagin! ( Ancorman quote if ya dont know).

This post is sorta random, but I've been told my mind is like that... random..

I want to get another tattoo!!!! I dont know where, or what of.. but something great! Any suggestions???

I LOVE TREVOR.!~ Giggidy.

Im thinking of making another top 100 things about me list... because lately I've been writing some down and thinking of more... That should be interesting..

OMG KRISTIN, where are you?? Im still here all alone...

Maybe I'll go play with Romeo..

OH YEAH.. Im pretty much declared a genius, Im doing well in school and got a 100% on my 1st paper for Psychology. Maybe I should go to school to be a surgeon. Could you trust me with a scapel, and your life??????

Anyway.. sorry if this post is a little weird..


Friday, February 10, 2006

Taking the Plunge...

So yeah, I've decided to be a complete idiot and jump into Lake Winnebago on the 22nd of Feb. to support mentally retarded people I think... haha.. maybe its the special olympics, or maybe I should find out what Im trying to support? Wow..
Anyway.. I get to work the other day, and see all these pamplets on the "Polar Plunge"... I immediately say "Im in"... Come to find out my fellow co-workers, Tim, April, and Leah are all in, so I joined the team. There are also three other girls jumping with us... I was kinda hoping to jump off a bridge or something high, but a chunk of ice will do... Im just afraid I wont be able to get back up and out of the water...
Oh yeah, we also need to come up with a team name... Any ideas?? Its about 6 girls and a guy.. and did I mention were all pretty hot? haha, jk... SO THINK OF SOME NAMES!!
If I can raise at least 65$ I will get a sweatshirt! Cool huh?
Anyway.. I think this is going to be completely idiotic, but Im doing it for the the chance to say I did it..

Oh yeah, update news: I am a complete alcoholic... Kiki, I feel your pain, I cant stop drinking.. and If I dont drink that day, I plot how/when I will.. and constantly crave the taste of beer...
Alcoholism, or college years? You decide ladies and gentleman...

Peace love and birds...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Wow, I feel like I seriously never blog anymore. I apologize big time. Im at school right now, just got done eating some lunch, and Im a little creeped out. For some reason today in the cafeteria there like blaring rap/hip hop music. Haha. I mean I love the music, dont get me wrong but, it just caught me off guard. Right now Im listening to "Grillz" by Nelly. ha. Kristin, call me George Foreman cuz Im selling everybody grillz. Oh and get this, as I was waiting in line to pay for my food, I dropped my full tray of ketchup, mayo, a cheeseburger, fries, and a mountain dew without a lip onto the ground in front of everyone!! Thing is: I wasnt even embarrassed. I just started laughing for some reason.. the only part that wasnt funny was the fact my precious pink fuzzy slippers are now covered in ketchup! Ew!!

So, school is going quite well. I had my first exam in Econ yesterday, and to my suprise it was super easy. I worked myself up big time to thinking it was going to be super hard, and it wasnt!! I got my grade back today, and I got a 98%!! Im soo smart. What can I say??
What else is new.......... I work pretty much everyday... but I gottta make that monnnney maan.

Im trying to convince someone as stupid as myself to come take a vacation to Laguna Beach with me.. I looked it up: if I stay at the best hotel in Laguna for a week, ( all inclusive food and drinks) rent a Land Rover, and fly first class out of Appleton, WI... The total damage is : 1, 600$. Not including the money I would spend shopping, getting manicures/pedicures etc. I know I could lower this whole trip by staying in a Days in, flying coach, and renting a 97 Ford Tauras, but you gotta do it big if you go to Laguna, I mean come on... Now I just need a credit card with a limit of at least 3,000, and find someone as nieve as myself to do the same, then Laguna here I come!!!!!!!!!! Timmortal? You love Laguna, remember??

Anywhoo.. I gtg to my Contemporary American Society class, where I will sit there and laugh histarically at my goofy teacher as he calls us "class" 50 times during the grueling 50 mins of class. ( IM NOT KIDDENING) he constantly says, Well class, what do you think about this class?? well classs? I mean this is a big issue... bla bla bla...

anyway.. peace love and birds.

ps.... sorry if this post is scattered, and has a lot of spelling errors, I tryed to type way too fast.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You naughty school girl you!!!

It's official. Im a student! Today was my second day, and I have been exposed to all of my classes. Econ has pretty much been a bore, like I assumed. My teacher is a nice guy, but talks monotone big time! My Contemporary American Society class seems like it will be interesting. My teacher is a nut!! He told us we wont be using the book, and that our grade will mainly come from group work, debates ( which could get interesting) current events, participation, and like one paper. Oh yeah, and NO TESTS! I think I love this class already.. I love weird/crazy teachers, it makes it far more interesting than monotone bore you to death types.
My written comm. class is going to be easy I think. Boring, but easy. I like to write so I think I'll be okay. The teacher seems alright.
Then I have my psychology class. That is probably going to be my fav. Its online though. I think since I registered for my classes at the last minute, literally, all the class classes were gone. So, I had to settle for the online course. Which I work at my own pace, etc. So maybe it will be okay.
There you have it. Monday through Friday I will be getting my learn on..
Still haven't decided on a major, just taking the basics now. Wish me luck!!

Oh yeah, so today I had an hour to spare before my next class and I decided to test out the cafeteria food. To my surprise the cheeseburger and fries were quite delicious!! So I went and sat all by myself in a booth and read my Psychology book. I have yet to make a friend. Honestly I don't really want to. Yeah Id be nice to sit with someone at lunch every now and then, but being by myself makes me more motivated to get things done. Needless to say, I felt sorta like a loser. So I called my dad and talked to him for awhile! ha! Did I prove my point on being a loser?

We'll see how balancing school full time, work full time and still having time to maintain a social life works out for me. I will be very busy. I apologize on my lack of blogging now.. but I will try!!!!

I miss everyone... hope everyone's doing GREATTTTTTT!!